Agri-Kind CBD

Premium Cannabinoid Products
 Agri-Kind CBD is a premium line of cannabinoid products brought to you by Agronomed Therapeutics. Born from a passion for plant based healing and a focus on research, Agronomed Therapeutics was formed to improve the health and well-being of those around us by harnessing the power of hemp. As the Region’s premier supplier of hemp-based products, Agronomed Therapeutics utilizes industrial hemp grown in Pennsylvania and other partnered states to formulate, research and develop CBD related products.


At Agronomed Therapeutics, we are dedicated to making Agri-Kind CBD the safest, most effective hemp-based cannabinoid products on the market. We have utilized years of pharmaceutical experience to develop effective, all natural topical formulations, tinctures and other products. All of our hemp-based offerings are formulated and tested through our research partnerships with local universities. As the cannabis industry continues to expand we are committed to maintaining a safe, scientific approach to hemp and furthering the scientific advancement of cannabinoids in medicine.


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